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Our 3 Girls

Someday, we'll have all our stuff on here again. For now, you can see photos of our family and stuff about us on > > > SmugMug < < <

Truly, I do know how to write interesting webpages. I'm just not in the mood right now.

This is Annie's newest project: Wonderful Girls Website!

Annie 9 years old:
First Wedding and A Picture With Molly

Molly 5 years old:
Anticipation of Birth & Birth Story
Yes, this is old, but I leave it out there to educate everyone about what "normal" birth is all about. She was born at 42 weeks 5 days, at home, perfect in every way!
A Picture With Zoe and Baptism 2004

Zoe Liora:
Born finally at 43 weeks! Sure, she was "late" by current medical standards, but she was perfect and healthy. She weighed 7#3oz and was obviously not ready to be born any earlier than January 9, 2009!
Zoe means Life, Liora means My Light

Phil: A Picture
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Janis: A Picture
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Places We Like:
Houston Bunny Buddies
Young & Restless Children's Consignment Store & More! **Now Owned by Marlo**
Nathaniel Martin & Hannah Strader Genealogy

PigVig is from Watership Down, by the way.